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It is with such joy that we launch Janska WellnessWear—the heart and soul of Janska.  Janska began after a life-changing dream I had to create a soft, colorful, cozy jacket TO warm and comfort my friend Jean.  After a series of strokes, the easiest thing for Jean to wear was a flimsy hospital gown.  The jacket I designed restored Jean’s personhood and warmed her body.  I began to create other items that were easy-care, beautiful, simple and life enhancing.  Our WellnessWear is so colorful and stylish that our company grew as boutiques and gift stores were also drawn to carry Janska.   Now sold in hundreds of boutiques across the USA and Canada, I have never forgotten the heart of Janska. I am so pleased to bring back the collection that comforts and restores dignity to individuals like my friend Jean.  So, thank you for visiting Janska WellnessWear where each garment exists to provide deep nourishing comfort and well-being. 

On our new Janska Wellness Facebook page, we invite you to share resources, stories, ideas, and support with us and each other. I would love to hear from you.  

Blessings to you.

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