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It was 2002 when our founder, Jan, woke up in the middle of the night from a life-changing dream. She had an idea for a jacket that would be easy to put on, and that would offer warmth and comfort to her friend, Jean, who had become disabled from a series of strokes. Jan got out of bed and sketched the jacket design, then went back to sleep.

Unlike the hospital gown that had become Jean’s “wardrobe,” this garment restored her sense of personhood, kept her warm and comfortable, and became a cozy friend during her most difficult days.

Jean’s response to the jacket brought light to an important truth: clothing does matter. Wearing a warm, soft, beautiful garment can bring back the dignity that’s often lost when one faces health and mobility challenges. With this discovery, Jan’s passion was ignited, and Janska was born—her mission was to positively impact the physical and emotional well-being of others with Clothing That Comforts.

Today, Janska has impacted thousands of lives with the EasyWear Jacket and other clothing that comforts. Jan’s passion is stronger than ever, and the heart of Janska continues to inspire all that we do. Whether it’s a phone call thanking us for restoring Mom’s dignity when she could no longer dress herself, or a personal note sharing just how comforting a pair of MocSocks have been during treatment, the knowledge that we’re impacting lives inspires us to dream bigger and bring comfort to more people each and every day.